Monthly Archive: February, 2013

A Review of Ignorance Theory by KJ Nelson

    K.J. Nelson, the talented author of Ignorance Theory, was kind enough to send this book to us herself, something we greatly appreciate.  A thank you must be extended to the author herself, not… Continue reading

Announcement: Heidi Is Joining Our Team!

After her wonderful guest review of The Wheel of Time series, we have asked Heidi to become a regular member of our team at Definitely Not for the Birds.  She has agreed, and… Continue reading

A Review of the Wheel of Time Series

A Review of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan When Rachel asked me to write a guest review on The Wheel of Time series, my first thought (after Great!) was how… Continue reading

A Review of World War Z by Max Brooks

  I was told about World War Z from my friend, Mary.  As we are both avid “Walking Dead” fans (the TV show- I haven’t read the graphic novels), Mary thought I would… Continue reading

Review of Any Human Heart by William Boyd

  I actually read Any Human Heart by William Boyd this past summer, just randomly selecting it from the ever-inviting library shelves.  I knew nothing about the novel, only that the phrase resonated and… Continue reading