Monthly Archive: March, 2013

A Review of Megan by Scott D. Southard

  Review of Megan by Scott D. Southard Thanks to author Scott D. Southard for giving us a copy of his book Megan for us to read and review! The Good: I love the format of this… Continue reading

A Review of Blade Man by Edison McDaniels

  Firstly, I want to thank Edison McDaniels for sending us a free copy of Blade Man in order to hear our opinion.  We are honored and very grateful. Note:  This review is a bit… Continue reading

A Review of A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

Sometimes I have a very hard time finding good books to read.  I can search for hours looking for something that looks like I will really enjoy it.  It’s hard to find something… Continue reading

A Review of A Song of Ice and Fire (so far) by George R. R. Martin

  In light of my eldest sister asking what book she should read next, I decided to write a review based on the recommendation I gave her.  For anyone who knows me, it… Continue reading

Vanguard of Hope: Sapphire Brigade Book 1 by Kathy Steinemann

Like Rachel’s review on Ignorance Theory, author Kathy Steinemann sent us her novel Vanguard of Hope for us to read.  Thank you to Ms. Steinemann for letting us read her work!  You can… Continue reading