Mrs. Kennedy and Me Book Review

Mrs. Kennedy And Me


Mrs. Kennedy and Clint Hill featured on the cover of the book  ^

The Kennedys have always intrigued me.  I am clearly not alone in this fascination.  That said, when a friend suggested that I read Mrs. Kennedy and Me, it didn’t take a lot of convincing.  I normally prefer to read fiction, but I felt like this non-fiction piece would be a nice change of pace.

I am, however, a little weary when it comes to the Kennedys – there is a LOT of information out there.  Not a lot of reports are very flattering and others… well, there is no guarantee that the so-called fact based book is actually true.
This book, however, struck me right away due to the fact that it was co-written by a secret service agent who served the Kennedy family, specifically Jackie Kennedy.  And although I decided to read with a grain of salt, I felt mostly that I could trust that the narrator was being mostly honest – or at least as honest as he could be.
The Good
This was an easy, quick read.  It covers the Kennedys through the scope Clint Hill, who is closest to Jackie.  I found it a refreshing take from some of the other portrayals I have seen on the big screen. The writing makes the Kennedys seem more like normal people as opposed to the icons that they now are in today’s society.  The light the narrator shone on his story was mostly positive and intimate – this, I assume, was because of the proximity of the narrator to the actual subject of this book.  However, I don’t think it felt forced or untrue.  I really enjoyed the perspective that Clint Hill shared with us.  He struck me as truthful and poignant.  He made Mrs. Kennedy feel real.
The Bad
Clint Hill was our window into this story, and although I appreciated his view and the focus on Mrs. Kennedy, I often wanted to know more about the man who was telling us the story.  It’s almost as if Mr. Hill is extremely modest or the co-author found him uninteresting in the shadow of Mrs. Kennedy – or perhaps both – but I found myself wanting to know more about him and how he felt  when certain events are detailed in the book.  He shares his subjective views at times, but at others, when it felt appropriate to share them, he does not speak up.  I also wanted to just know more about his path, but little information was given to us.
The Verdict
Read: If you are interested in the Kennedys in any way, I think that you will enjoy this read.  With a new perspective, new information and considerations were brought to light, and I trusted the narrator.
Don’t read: If you have no interest in the Kennedys, this is not for you, as one may guess by the subject matter.  Other than that, I cannot think of any reasons why it would not be an enjoyable read.

Written by Rachel B.

Rachel is a co-creator and writer at Definitely Not for the Birds (DNFB). She recently graduated with a degree in English. Presently, she writes, reads, and then reads and writes some more, with a giant and ever-present mug of green tea in her hand. Follow Rachel @rrbindl and DNFB @not4birds