Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Long Winded Thoughts on I, Frankenstein

I saw a trailer for I, Frankenstein maybe a week or so ago. I was instantly struck by how stupid the movie looked and also by how different it looked from Shelly’s masterpiece… Continue reading

A Book Review | The Black Count by Tom Reiss

I am happy to get one of my books on my resolution list checked off already. This was the only non-fiction book among the bunch, and I am really glad I started out… Continue reading

Dream Libraries.

Happy Monday! So it is about -40 degrees outside. Meaning that I am not going anywhere or working out after work.  Instead, I am dreaming about fireplaces and personal libraries and trying to… Continue reading

New Year, New Books: Book Resolutions for 2014

Welcome to 2014! So far it has been FREEZING in our neck of the woods. We are hoping things turn around soon… for the warmer. As 2014 begins, Heidi and I have been… Continue reading