Dream Libraries.

Happy Monday! So it is about -40 degrees outside. Meaning that I am not going anywhere or working out after work.  Instead, I am dreaming about fireplaces and personal libraries and trying to stay as warm and cozy as possible in my unfortunately drafty apartment. It is a personal dream of mine to one day have a study/personal library. I have had this dream since watching Belle scale the Beast’s library in Beauty and the Beast. I know that I am not alone in this ultimate goal. I feel like nearly every book lover I talk to feels this way.

Some of my favorite libraries – thanks pinterest.  Seriously, how are these real?

library 2

library 3

library 5

library 4

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The above picture is Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England – that is, Pemberley in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. I got to personally see this library and the picture does not do it justice. It was beautiful.

Now here are some of the views I would like see as I gaze out of my library windows:

library view

Portland, OR

library view 2

Prince Edward Island, Canada

library view 3

Prince Edward Island

Now lastly, some of the styling, colors, and furniture that will most likely be included in my future library:

my own library

So what does your dream library look like?  And what book(s) will be present?

Written by Rachel B.

Rachel is a co-creator and writer at Definitely Not for the Birds (DNFB). She works as a Content Creation Specialist. Presently, she writes, reads, and then reads and writes some more, with a giant and ever-present mug of green tea in her hand. Follow Rachel @rrbindl and DNFB @not4birds