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This blog hosts a slew of book reviews and recommendations made by a dedicated team.  We love reading and connecting with other readers – which is what this blog is all about.  It also acts as a sort of book journal for us – a good way to keep track of what we have read and how we felt about it at the time.

We differ from the average book review blog in that we want to give a review that fosters a conversation by keeping your tastes in mind.  That said, please feel free to leave comments or feedback.  We think that too many book reviews either give away the entire plot or tell you what to think without taking it in to account that your thoughts may differ from that of the reviewer’s.  We consider that fact.  We explore who out there would enjoy the book and who wouldn’t, regardless of what we ourselves think about the novel.  We provide the good, the bad, and the verdict without spoiling the plot.

Finally, please note (as per FTC regulations) that we do sometimes review books we received for free from authors and publishers.  We honestly give you our opinions of these books–if we don’t like them, we will let you know!   If we have received a book for free, we will also mention that in the review itself.

All that said, thank you for stopping by.  We hope you enjoy your time here and that you will continue to check the site for new posts – we try to update every Friday, just in time for #FridayReads

Happy Reading!

-The Definitely Not for the Birds Team